Board of Directors

The American Vineyard Foundation would like to thank the following Board members for their voluntary industry service to support and promote viticulture & enology research.

  • Rachel Ashley
    Treasury Wine Estates
  • Vince Bonotto
  • Cindy Devries
    Fetzer Vinyards
  • Greg Fowler
    Constellation Wines U.S.
  • Fred Franzia
    Bronco Wine Company
  • Jim Frisinger
    Frisinger Vineyard
  • Bob Gallo
    E & J Gallo Winery
  • Greg Gessner
    Constellation Wines
  • Kendall Hoxsey
    Napa Wine Company
  • Hal Huffsmith
    Trinchero Family Estates
  • Jay Indelicato
    Delicato Vineyards
  • Tyler Klick
    Redwood Empire Vineyard Management
  • Jerry Lohr
    J. Lohr Vineyards Inc.
  • Dave Magnasco
    Constellation Wines U.S.
  • Doug McIlroy
    Rodney Strong Vineyards
  • Matthew Meyer
    Meyer Family Cellars
  • Marshall Miller
    The Thornhill Companies
  • Anjanette Perry
    J. Lohr Vineyards Inc.
  • Giovanni Rossini
    Rossini AG, LLC
  • Daryl Salm
    Valley Farm Management
  • Steve Smit
    Constellation Wines U.S.  
  • Tom Smith
    E & J Gallo Winery
  • Tony Stephen
    Scheid Vineyards Inc.
  • Eric Wente
    Wente Family Estates
  • Doug Wilson
    Silverado Premium Properties
  • Andrew Zaninovich
  • Dan Zastrow
    The Wine Group


Mission Statement

A leader in maintaining industry progress, the AVF provides the unique opportunity to unify the grape and wine industry through collaborative research efforts. The AVF is a non-profit organization that relies on voluntary industry support for research funding.